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Our modular mosaic mimics are manufactured using the "Mosaic King" system, wholly owned and produced by us in the UK.

For displays which do not require modular updates, we manufacture Mimic Displays in the following materials:
Perspex, Rigid Laminate (i.e. Traffolite), Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel.

Our computer-aided design and CNC engraving system ensures that displays can be manufactured direct to your specifications in a short and competitive time.

The modular Mosaic System takes the risk out of major updates to indication and control systems for process plants, electrical distribution networks and fire & security systems.

Elec distribution

The standard mosaic mimic tile is manufactured from high quality polycarbonate (Makrolon) to British Standard 6550 and is available in the following colours:
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Non-reflecting
  • Hard wearing
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to extract and insert
  • Shock resistant, military application
  • Self extinguishing
  • UV stable
Aluminium (LM2/24) tiles are also available for heavy duty & hazardous area applications.

All tile systems are available with border tiles for ease of mounting which eliminates the use of additional supporting frame.

Tiles have the following dimensions:

24 x 24 mm - Makrolon
48 x 24 mm - Makrolon
48 x 48 mm - Makrolon and Aluminium
The metal grid of the Mosaic Visual Display panel is manufactured from aluminium alloy (6082T6), which ensures maximum strength and robustness, but is light in weight. The grid is assembled by means of a patented TURN-LOCK system, which interlocks and secures every intersection of the grid.

Cut-outs for instruments or control switches of any dimension can be made.

The advantages of the grid are:

  • Non corrosive
  • No additional support is required
  • Can easily be extended or reduced
  • Ultra light weight
Display weights (approx):
Tile Weight: Mackrolon 6.6 kg/m²
  Aluminium 8.8 kg/m²

Grid Weight: 4.7 kg/m²

Many active accessories are available for mounting within the mosaic system. A selection of the range is detailed below:

mimics mimics mimics mimics
Above: LED Semaphores, back-lit plug-in LEDs, bar graphs, custom-built control modules.

mimics mimics mimics mimics
Above: Discrepancy switches, Eyeball indicators, Mimic fastening brackets, plug-in LED and lamp units.

mimics mimics mimics mimics
Above: LED semaphores, Motherboard, Heavy duty selector switches, track LEDs.

Below: Switches and push buttons.


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