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Brools is a long established manufacturer of industrial electrical and control panels, and mimic display systems. Examples of our modular "Mosaic King" mimics can be found throughout the world. Applications as diverse as the London Underground, shopping centres, airports, the Channel Tunnel and offshore oil platforms.

Mimics are unsurpassed for process visualisation and control, and are particularly useful in large process plants such as waste water treatment. They offer a robust, secure and effective means of monitoring and controlling critical applications such as emergency shut down systems, electrical distribution networks, fire alarm and security monitoring.

Associated with the production of mosaic visual displays are PLC and MCC control panels. These are produced in our factory to the rigorous standards required for underground mass transit and offshore applications.

All drawings are produced using AutoCAD. We manufacture engraved mimics and labels on our advanced computer aided CNC engraving system using a variety of materials.

We offer a full service from design, through build, programming, installation to on-site commissioning. We will also assist with your process design, development of FDS and project management. Our in-house expertise in design, installation, and commissioning ensures a smooth and cost-effective solution to your project needs.

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