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For Sale: "Mosaic King" Industrial Mimic Display System

"Mosaic King" modular mimics can be found throughout the world. Applications as diverse as the London Underground, shopping centres, airports, the Channel Tunnel and offshore oil platforms are just a few areas where this technology has been adopted.

Mimics are unsurpassed for process visualization and control, and are particularly useful in large process plants such as waste water treatment or power stations. They offer a robust, secure and effective means of monitoring and controlling critical applications such as emergency shut down systems, electrical distribution networks, fire alarm and security monitoring.

The complete system, inclusive of all injection moulding tooling, bracket manufacture tooling, punch tooling, assembly equipment and significant surplus stock is now on sale to the highest bidder.

Manufacturing training can be provided, if required.

Mosaic King Mosaic Tile Mimic System, consisting of:

1. Tooling
  • Tool for injection moulding of polycarbonate 48mm tiles
  • Injection moulding tools for manufacture of mounting brackets components
  • Moulding tool for manufacture of mounting bracket springs
  • Tool for manufacture of polycarbonate tiles 24mm tiles
  • Moulding tool for manufacture of 48mm Aluminium tiles
  • Dies for production of aluminium matrix flat bar
  • Tool for punching of aluminium profile
2. Stocks
  • Aluminium flat bar
  • Punched aluminium profile
  • 24 and 48mm polycarbonate tiles both grey and beige colours
  • 48mm Aluminium tiles
  • Raw polycarbonate (Makrolon) granules both grey and beige
  • LED module printed circuit boards and components
3. Records
  • All drawings of tools and tile components and LED modules
  • All project and customer files and drawings
4. Equipment
  • Intellectual property

Please Email us for further details.

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