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"Mosaic King" Mimic Displays have been installed on the following platforms/sites:

PoplarOccidental Caledonian, Piper Bravo
Occidental Caledonian, Saltire Platform
British Petroleum, K G Ethylene Plant - Grangemouth
British Petroleum, Miller Platform
Shell UK, Bruce Platform
Shell UK, Dunlin Platform
Shell UK, Brent Platform
Amoco, Leman & Inde Platforms
Phillips Petroleum, Hewitt Platform
Total, MCP.01 Platform
Chevron, Alba Platform

Other major projects include:


Acrastyle Power Station Control Room Mimic
Anord Controls Water Treatment Plant Mimics
Aird Walker & Ralston Water Purification System Mimic Panels, Storage Systems Mimic Panels
August Systems ESD, Fire and Gas Safety System Mimics
Babcock Engineering Water Treatment Plant Mimics
BA Chemicals Process Mimic Display
Beautiel Maltings Process Mimic Displays
B.N.F.L Control Room Mimic Panel
BP (Young's) Process Mimic Display
British Aerospace Mimic Displays for Fire Alarm Indication & Control.
British Alcan Process Control Mimic Displays
British Gas Plc Process Mimic Displays
British Steel Corporation Control Displays for Blast Furnace and Powerhouses
Brumac Engineering Water Treatment Works Mimic Displays
Cabot Carbon Gas Detection Mimic Display
Caplerig Whisky Industry Process Mimic Panels
Capstead Systems Effluent Treatment Plant Mimic Panel
Chivas Bros Process Mimic Panels
DCL Process Mimic Panel
Docklands Light Railway Track Control System Mimics
Edwards Engineering Grain Handling Mimic Panel
Gateway Controls Whisky Distillery Mimics
GBE Legge Mimic Display for Tobacco Processing Plant
GEC Alsthom Turbine Control Mimic for Nuclear Power Station
GTI Holland Mimic Displays for ESD System
Henry Boot Fire and Security Mimics
HM Prison Service Emergency Control Room Mimic Displays
Honeywell Control Systems ESD and Fire and Gas Safety System Mimics, Fire and Security Alarm Mimic Panels
How Fire Fire Alarm Mimic Panels
Ind Coope Alloa Brewery Filter Room Process Mimic, Keg Racking Process Mimic
ICS Triplex ESD and Fire and Gas Safety System Mimics
Inspec Total Oil (Power Distribution) Mimic Panel
Kent Fire and Rescue Service Control Room Resource Availability Display
Kestral Controls Water Purification Works Mimic Displays
Kodak Limited Process Plant Control System Mimic Display
London Underground
Bakerloo Line: Track Control System Mimic Panels
Central Line: Emergency Local Control Panels
Piccadilly and District Line: Mimic Display Panels

Modern Integrated Systems Fire and Security Mimic Displays
Morgan Bank Fire Control Panels and Displays, London
North British Steel Storage and Conveyor Mimic
Northern Ireland Electricity Main Control Room Power Distribution Display
Nuclear Electric Plc Power Station Mimic Display Panels
Patol Security Mimic Display
Porter Chadburn Cask Washer Mimic Display
Powergen Plc Control System Mimic, Fire System Mimic Display, Electrical Distribution Mimic Display, Process Flow Control Display
Purac Water Treatment Plant Mimics
Reuters News Agency Building Management Control Mimic
Ross Industrial Controls Scottish Water Board Mimic Display Panels
Roysth Dockyard Power Distribution Mimic Control Panels
Rite Controls Tank Level and Status Indication Mimic Displays
Raines Dairy Foods Cottage Cheese Churn Process Mimic Panels
Scottish Courage Breweries
Fountain Brewery: Brewhouse Control Room Mimic, FV's Control Room Mimics, MV Control Room Mimic
Tyne Brewery: Brewhouse Control Room Mimic, Bulk Process Control Room Mimic, Cellar Tanks Control Room Mimic, Pasteuriser Control Room Mimics, Keg Racking Mimics
Royal Brewery: Brewhouse Control Room Mimic, Mid Brewery Control Room Mimic, Filter Room Mimic, Keg Racking Mimic Displays
Home Brewery: Brewhouse Control Room
Scottish Power Power Station Control Room Mimic
Silvertech ESD and Safety System Mimics
Tennant's Brewery Process Mimic Displays
Thorn Security Ltd Fire & Security Mimic Displays
Walker MacLeod Water Treatment Plant Mimic Displays
Watney Coombe Reid Keg Hand1ing Mimic Displays
Welcome Foundation Plc Mimic Panel for Factory HT Load Shedding System
Westinghouse Security Systems Fire and Security Mimics
Westinghouse Signals Track Signalling Mimics for London Underground
Wormald Fire Systems Fire Alarm Mimic Displays
Yokogawa ISS ESD and Safety System Mimics
Zellweger Power Station Mimics


B & C Integrated Systems PLC Panels
BP (Grangemouth) Caustic Blender Panel
Carter's Soft Drinks CIP Control Panel
Castle Eden Ales Fermentation Monitoring System
Coca-Cola & Schweppes Pasteuriser PLC Control Panel
Core Technology Pure Water System
Culver Alberto SCADA System
Elite Controls PLC Control Panels
Glaxo Welcome Brine Refrigeration MCCs, Pure Water System Control Panels
Kingdom Cheese Sterilisation Control System, Tank Level Control Systems
Lamberton Robotics Motor Starter Control Panels
McBride's Product / Tank Route Control System
Murray Firth Maltings Effluent Treatment Plant Control System
National Semiconductors Gemini Reactor Upgrade System, Wafer Transportation System Upgrade
Proctor and Gamble Production Control SCADA System, Product Route Control System, Product Recovery System
Quest International Micro Filtration Control Panels, Plasmolysis Autolysis Control Panels, Spray Drier / Roller Drier Control Panels, Hoist and Crane Control System, Product Route Control / Cleansing System
Raines Dairy Foods Cheese Milk Pasteurising Control Panel
Roche Products Rosemond Filter Upgrade System, PMCX Control System
Sara Lee Product / Tank Route Control System
Scottish Courage Breweries
Fountain Brewery: PLC Panels for new Bottling Line, Computer Interface Panels
Tyne Brewery: PLC Panels for new Bottling Line, Computer Interface Panels
Royal Brewery: PLC Panels for new Bottling Line
Scottish Television Power Distribution Panels
Silberline Static Oven Control Panel, Tank Level Monitoring System, Reactor Vessel Control System, Classifier Control System, Mixer Control Panel
Technopack Conveyor Control Panels
Uniroyal Englebert Tyres High Level Cutter Control Panels, Boiler Room SCADA Panels
Walls Foods Product Recovery System


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